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Hidde Jense

Research student,


I am a post-graduate research student, working on Cosmology with Dr. Erminia Calabrese since October 2020. Before this, I obtained both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Leiden University, graduating with my Master's thesis on an Effective Field Theory for Inflation.

Within my PhD research, I am working with observations of the CMB by the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT) and the Simons Observatory (SO) collaboration. Within these collaborations, I work on the pipeline for foreground extraction and cosmological parameter estimation.

Apart from cosmology, I am always interested in talking about linguistics, where my main interest lies in the languages of the near East during the pre-Classical era.


Research interests

I am very much interested in Cosmology, both from a theoretical and observational aspect.

I am currently working within the Simons Observatory (SO) collaboration and on the observations of the CMB by the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT).



  • Experimental Physics (PX1150, 2020-2021)


Erminia Calabrese

Professor Erminia Calabrese

STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellow
Deputy Director of Research
Astronomy Instrumentation Group
and Astronomy Group

Mattia Negrello

Dr Mattia Negrello

Senior Lecturer
Astronomy Group

Areas of expertise