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 Fabiana D'Ascenzo

Fabiana D'Ascenzo

Research student, School of Geography and Planning


My research interests revolve around the social, cultural, political and psychological forms in which space and place may reveal themselves. I am interested in the relation between geography and writing, the loss of place, and the spatial features of power, in particular those built around the themes of migration, otherness, subordination, urban marginalization and borders.

The Democratic Republic of Congo, Portugal and the Mediterranean are my main areas of interest.


  • PhD in Territory, Environment, Resources and Health (specializing in Humans and the Environment), Padua University (2010).
  • Final degree in Modern Literature (Hons), L’Aquila University (2004).

Previous experience

As researcher fellowship at the University of Naples ‘Federico II’ and at University of L’Aquila, I did research on migrations in Southern Italy and across the Mediterranean.

Since 2015, I have been lecturing in the module of Geography of Power at University of L’Aquila.


Research interests

Unfolding cities. Trans-colonial geographies of Lisbon and Kinshasa (working title) 

My research focuses on the postcolonial urban space of Kinshasa and Lisbon, investigated through the perspective of literary geographies and selected literary study cases. The work examines the space-generating nature of novels and their potential to dialogue with a geography in-between, connecting the ‘external’ space to the ‘interior’ world. The purpose of the study is to explore the contribution of novels to geographical research, and their role in co-producing further and emphatic understandings of the city, as a special, socially complex and culturally dense place.


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D’Ascenzo, F. 2015. Angola na cartografia colonial e na escrita de António Lobo Antunes. In: Francisco Roque de Oliveira eds. Cartógrafos para toda a Terra. Produção e circulação do saber cartográfico ibero-americano: agentes e contextos. Lisbon: Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, Centro de Estudos Geográficos da Universidade de Lisboa, Centro de História d’Aquém e d’Além-Mar da Universidade Nova de Lisboa e da Universidade dos Açores, vol. 2, pp. 1003-1021.

D’Ascenzo, F. 2014. Antimondi delle migrazioni. L’Africa a Castel Volturno. Milan: Lupetti.