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Matthew Spencer

M.A. (Oxford, London, Sunderland)

Research student, Philosophy, School of English, Communication and Philosophy


I am currently researching the "situationist" claims against the concept of Character on the basis that these are likely to become more and more important in an age of moral engineering of the human person. Before we consider implanting new capacities or creating technologically modified enhancements of our existing capacities, would it not be a good idea to take stock of our longstanding moral traditions, to see what they propose on a practical level regarding moral enhancement? All programs and traditions having to do with moral character and the virtues ought to consider my research is relevant to them. I also, for the record, consider contemplative ethics to be the great unmined resource of our world and our epoch especially.


Research interests

Moral psychology, Meditation, Virtue Ethics, Powers and Properties, Moral traditions and their texts, Secular mindfulness and its relation to other religious traditions besides Buddhism


Jonathan Webber

Professor Jonathan Webber

Deputy Head and Head of Subject


Dr Andrew Edgar

Emeritus Reader