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 Eimi Watanabe

Eimi Watanabe

Research student, Centre for Language and Communication Research, School of English, Communication and Philosophy


I am a PhD student in the Centre for Language and Communicaiton Research. 

Academic Background

  • PhD in Language and Communication, Cardiff University (2014 - present)

  • MA in Linguistics, University of Kent (2012-2013)

  • BA in Sociology with Social Psychology, University of York (2009-2012)


June 2017 International Symposium on Bilingualism (ISB11), University of Limerick (Ireland)
"The Effect of Prior Knowledge on the Perception of Bilinguals"

April 2017 Breaking Boundaries: An interdisciplinary Social Sciences and Humanities conference, Cardiff University (UK)
"Perception of bilinguals’ speech: A case of Japanese-English bilinguals"

June 2016 Postgraduate Conference at the Centre for Language and Communication Research, Cardiff University (UK)
"How prior knowledge affects the identification of accents"


Research interests

sociolinguistics, bilingualism, language attitudes, speech perception


British Attitudes Towards Japanese-English Bilinguals

My PhD research investigates British people's attitudes towards Japanese-English bilinguals and how prior information of the speakers influences the listeners' attitudes.