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 Jennifer F Ellis

Jennifer F Ellis

Research student, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences


  • Fractures
  • Structural geology
  • Field mapping
  • Uncertainty in geological interpretation
  • 3D/4D modelling


Research interests

Modelling of fracture networks within intrusions.


Fracture Patterns in IntrusionsGeological approaches to generating fracture models for intrusive rocks

Being able to integrate thermally induced stresses into dynamic models in an around intrusive units has many economic applications in the oil and gas indrustry, mining, geothermal energy and for radioactive waste disposal. The aim of my research is to understand the formation of fractures in intrusions and to be able to predict their 3-D distributions from general boundary conditions. The primary method to be used is structural geological principles, which will be combined with predictive numerical modelling and validated using field data.

Funding source

Midland Valley, Cardiff Univerity and Rio Tinto