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 Shuo (Cathy) Cai

Shuo (Cathy) Cai

Research student, School of Medicine

Research interests

I started my MD study in CCMRC in October 2015 with the research project entitled ‘Kinase D-interacting substrate of 220KDA (Kindins 220) in pancreatic cancer, molecular and cellular mechanism for its association with disease progression’. I graduated from Hull University with a Master’s degree in Translational Oncology and was awarded a degree with Merit. During that study period, I gained an understanding of the molecular and cellular hallmarks of cancer and I also participated in a cancer-related research project. The research stimulated my interests in doing cancer research. Currently, I am learning new skills and techniques related to cancer research with the help of the staff in CCMRC. I hope to see a great improvement in my lab work and I believe that I will have a memorable experience studying at Cardiff University.

Lin Ye

Dr Lin Ye