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Fokiya Akhtar

Research student, School of Journalism, Media and Culture

+44 (0)29 208 75688
Two Central Square, Central Square, Cardiff, CF10 1FS


Memberships and Awards

Children of God: A documentary on special needs children in Dubai. Film won the official nomination in 4th CMS International Children’s Film Festival -2011(‘10-16’April, 2012 held in Lucknow, India. The film won the nomination for World Cinema Section. The film also won the Official Nomination at Delhi International Film festival 21st – 27th Dec 2012

All alone and lonely: A documentary on the widows and Orphans of Kashmir.  All Alone and Lonely has been selected for Film & Video Competition (Documentary up to 30 minutes) Section at M.I.F.F. 
All Alone and Lonely has also won official selection for best film at ‘The Golden Gate Fiction and Documentary Festival’ (1st November 2009) ‘San Francisco Film Festival’ (2nd July 2009). Ontario Film Festival (December 2010) International Children’s Film Festival (April 2010).

Membership of the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) is a non-profit NGO and a registered charity in Singapore with the mission of spearheading the development of media and communication expertise in Asia within the broad framework of economic, social and cultural development.


Research interests

My research interests are in Film studies, Studies on women and children, Violence and the media, Human rights and Child-centered healthcare information.


Cinema and Conflict - Mediatised life of peace and conflict in Kashmir via Indian Mainstream (Bollywood) Cinema

Cinema is a powerful art form cum cultural discourse. Many value cinema as the ‘magical world of romance, drama and adventure’ while others value cinema as an ‘intellectual and aesthetic experience’. Cinema lovers find cinema deeply gratifying that engages minds and emotions. The debate on ‘cinema and realism’ is unabated. According to critiques cinema is one of the available mediums of mass communications to escape ‘reality’ via fantasy. Nonetheless, cinema conveys information, ideas, experiences, and ways of life otherwise not known to people. Cinema has the power to tell stories, express emotions and trigger ideas that value the viewers. Thus, Cinema reflect, shape and influence societal values.

The proposed research study on ‘Mediatized life of peace and conflict in Kashmir via Indian Mainstream (Bollywood) Cinema’ aims to reflect the role of mainstream Indian cinema popularly referred as ‘Bollywood flicks’ like “Kashmir Ki Kali” and “Maa Tujhe Salaam” in meditating for peace and conflict in Kashmir. In the early nineties, breathtakingly beautiful valley of Kashmir used to be Bollywood's backdrop for romance. Now, times are more troubled and we see films, example “Dil Se”, “LOC Kargil and “Mission Kashmir” based on stories related to foreign infiltration and terrorism. This research aims to study films from the pre-conflict and the conflict era to explore, understand and reflect the mediatized role of Indian cinema in Kashmir. The study also aims to critically analyse the representation of visual text and how it reflects the social, political and artistic manifestations in the films made on Kashmir .

The research findings will be based on analysis of the selected films and the response of the audience to these films.


Paul Bowman

Professor Paul Bowman

Professor of Cultural Studies

Bella Dicks

Professor Bella Dicks

Professor in Sociology