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 Emma Bennett

Emma Bennett

Research student, Earth and Ocean Sciences, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

  • Mid-Ocean Ridges
  • gneous petrology
  • timescales of magmatic processes

Research interests

Primary interests include Mid-ocean ridge processes and the timescales at which they occur.


Crystal-scale records of the Gakkel Ridge plumbing system

Whilst Mid-ocean ridges (MOR), such as the East Pacific Rise and Mid-Atlantic Ridge have been studied extensively, the Gakkel Ridge, the slowest spreading MOR in the World’s oceans has received comparatively little attention. Using the crystal cargo of basalts dredged from along the Gakkel Ridge in 2001, this project aims to investigate how aspects of the ridges magma plumbing system (e.g., crystal residence times, crystallisation pressures) vary with decreasing spreading rate along the ridge. Ultimately, through studying the processes occurring (and the timescale at which they occur) within the magma plumbing system of the Gakkel Ridge, crustal accretion at ultraslow spreading ridges will be better understood.

Funding source


Dr C. Johan Lissenberg

Senior Lecturer