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 Beth Pyner

Beth Pyner

Research student,


After completing my BA in Hispanic Studies with European Studies (2008-2012) at Queen Mary, University of London, and my MA in Comparative Literature at King's College London (2013-2014), I worked in the charity and arts education sectors as a Project Coordinator, particularly within outreach positions and higher education widening participation initiatives. My PhD is funded by the AHRC and I am jointly supervised by Dr Alix Beeston (Cardiff University) and Dr Debra Ramsay (University of Exeter).

Since 2020 I have been co-chair of Intersec+ions, an interdisciplinary, student-led research network exploring the intersections of gender, sexuality, race, (dis)ability, neurodiversity, and more, in identity, culture, and society.


Research interests

My main research focus is intermediality within women's contemporary accounts of war.

Additional research interests include:

  • Gender and feminist studies
  • Visual culture studies
  • Critical race theory
  • Intermediality (particularly within literature, photography and film)
  • Women's life writing


Encountering the Other: Intermediality in Women’s Contemporary Accounts of Conflict

My research examines the potentialities and affordances of intermediality in women's contemporary accounts of war, particularly as they connect to issues of gender and race, and the representation of the self and the other. By exploring the inextricability of form and function in women’s conflict narratives, my research seeks to uncover subordinate experiences of war that are overlooked by the traditional, masculinist war archive.

Funding source




Dr Alix Beeston

Senior Lecturer