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 Faisal Farooq

Faisal Farooq

Research student, Welsh School of Architecture


My research focus is to understand how mechanical ventilation systems can be designed to improve air quality and human comfort in low-carbon housing in UK. The PhD is funded by Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship  (KESS2) and European Social Fund (ESF). My interest in ventilation came from my undergraduate degree in Aeronautical Engineering which I completed from the University of Glasgow in 2015. I did my first masters in Sustainable Engineering from the University of Strathclyde in 2016 and my second masters in Environmental Architecture from The Glasgow School of Art in 2019. In between that time, I worked as a researcher in energy systems modelling at CESI, Newcastle University and COMSATS University, Pakistan.


Research interests

  • Building Performance Evaluation

  • Energy, Comfort & Health

  • Building Energy Modeling


Developing domestic low carbon ventilation technologies to improve air quality

Funding source



Hu Du

Dr Hu Du

Senior Research Fellow

Professor Phillip Jones

Professor Phillip Jones

Chair of Architectural Science and Chair of the Low Carbon Research Institute (LCRI)