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 Elisa Marchetto MSc

Elisa Marchetto


Research student, School of Engineering

Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre, Maindy Road, Cardiff, CF24 4HQ


I am a PhD student within the School of Engineering. The aim of my studies is improve brain MRI motion-correction using a markerless tracking device by TracInnovations (Ballerup, Danmark), which is currently co-funding my studies. I work under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Gallichan and Dr. Kevin Murphy.

I got both my bachelor and master degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Padua.



Improved motion-correction for MRI with markerless face-tracking

If patients move their head during an MRI scan of their brain, it is expected the images obtained to be reduced in quality. Various methods have been proposed to try to track this motion, and correct the data to compensate for the motion before the final image is generated. Within the CUBRIC facility at Cardiff University, a motion-tracking device from TracInnovations has been recently installed which uses structured light to track the subject’s head in 3 dimensions and in real-time. This project involves developing methods to use this technology to maximise the image quality for different types of MR imaging and different motion regimes. Of particular interest is the ability to continue to obtain high-quality images in the case of large and continuous motion profiles as might be expected in some children or patients with movement disorders. It is expected that even with real-time updates of the scanner coordinate system in response to the movement, higher quality images should be obtainable if this is combined with retrospective approaches which compensate for the measured residual motion effects prior to reconstructing the final image. The project explores these concepts to develop robust protocols for imaging in the presence of strong motion.



Dr Daniel Gallichan

Lecturer in Medical Imaging