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Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

I am a PhD candidate at the Data Justice Lab at Cardiff University's School of Journalism, Media and Culture. My research is located in the field of Critical Data Studies and I examine ways to educate internet users about big data and promote Critical Big Data Literacy.

Prior to my PhD, I undertook a Research Fellowship at the Center for Advanced Internet Studies in Bochum, Germany from January to June 2019. Before this, I completed the B.A. Media Studies at Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany, and the M.A. Digital Media and Society at Cardiff University. I have also worked as a research assistant in various projects, for example Data Justice Lab's "Data Scores as Governance".

My recent publications include two papers on online tools for critical big data literacy and their influence on student's privacy attitudes and behaviour and several collections of data literacy resources for educators.

Research interests

My research is located in the field of Critical Data Studies and examines ways to promote internet users' Critical Big Data Literacy: In order to navigate life in datafied societies and be able to fulfill their roles as active citizens and make informed decisions, internet users need to be aware of and able to critically reflect upon big data collection practices, data analytics systems and the possible risks and implications that come with these practices, as well as being capable of implementing this knowledge for a more responsible internet usage.


In my prior work, I researched Critical Big Data Literacy as part of a Research Fellowship at the Center for Advanced Internet Studies in Bochum, Germany. Findings of this research can be found in two recent publications:

Based on this research, I have also published a number of data literacy resources for educators:

Conference Presentations, Workshops & Research Networks

I have presented my research at different conferences, including the Data Power conference in Bremen and the Data for Policy Conference in London.

In February 2020, I have further co-organised an international working group on Critical Big Data Literacy with Dr. Harald Gapski at the Center for Advanced Internet Studies. Arising from this workshop, I have co-founded the Critical Big Data and Algorithmic Literacy Network (CBDALN) in 2020.

Research Interests:

  • Critical Data Studies
  • Critical Big Data Literacy
  • Media, Digital and Data Literacy
  • Datafied Citizenship
  • Civic education in datafied societies


Critical Big Data Literacy – Theory, Research and Transfer

In recent years, the influence of big data – the large-scale collection and analysis of personal data with related scoring and prediction mechanisms – has been increasing steadily. However, these data systems come with inherent risks, such as endangering individual privacy, intensifying surveillance, the increasing quantification of our lives and a reinforcement of existing discriminations. While internet users may know about data collection online, they lack an understanding and critical reflection of the potential consequences of these big data practices.

In my research, I aim to address this lack of knowledge through “Critical Big Data Literacy”. Building on my prior work in the field, my PhD project examines ways to educate internet users about big data and the increasing datafication of our lives and societies. I plan to develop an extended conceptualisation of the literacy that citizens need to navigate in datafied societies; learn more about online tools that foster such literacy and the creators behind them; and, finally, conduct a transfer of academic knowledge into practice in collaboration with the NGO Privacy International.

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Joanna redden

Dr Joanna Redden

Senior Lecturer