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Angus Odling

Research student, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Main Building, Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT


MPhil research student with interests in structural and economic geology, sustainable resource management and novel exploration technique development.



An Investigation into Stress-Transfer Modelling of Gold Systems and its Application at the Obuasi Deposit, Ghana

Seismic research indicates that elevated positive Coulomb stresses transferred into upper crustal rocks following a mainshock earthquake event produce areas where aftershock sequences preferentially occur. Such sequences have been shown to be favourable to the emplacement of gold, due to their effectiveness in mechanically inducing permeability.

This research project builds on concepts established in the goldfields of Western Australia, where modelling of Coulomb stress transfer has been shown to meaningfully correlate with Au distributions, and applies this to the supergiant Obuasi deposit, Ghana.


Tom Blenkinsop

Professor Thomas Blenkinsop

Professor in Earth Science

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