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Nathan Jones

Research student, School of Computer Science and Informatics

Welsh speaking

I am currently a postgraduate student in the school of Computer Science and Informatics. My research is primarily focused on improving the wellbeing of elderly people while living at home.


I have provided assistance in lectures and labs on both the undergraduate and postgraduate software engineering courses. The modules that I have primarily supported have been focused on Python, Java and DevOps.


Awareness and Monitoring of Personal Mobility to Improve Quality of Living at Home for the Elderly

This project is focused on improving the wellbeing of elderly people while living at home. This will be done by gathering information on their daily lives and identifying which aspects indicate that they may need help or support.

To achieve this we will be utilising sensors provided to us by a partner company. These sensors provide a range of different environmental details on the rooms they are installed within. These readings will then be paired with data gathered from more personal fitness trackers that will also be provided to participants.

This data will allow us to train machine learning models that will be able to detect indicators of issues in the subjects wellbeing. Once these indicators have been identified this information would be provided to a healthcare worker who could then decide the appropriate course of action.

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Alia Abdelmoty

Dr Alia Abdelmoty

Senior Lecturer

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