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 Cecilia Morgan

Cecilia Morgan

Research student, School of Modern Languages


I hold a BSc Economics (Social Administration) awarded by the University of Wales. In 2012, I achieved a Master of Arts degree in Translation Studies, with distinction, from Cardiff University. I also have C2 level Spanish.

I am currently in the final stage of my PhD entitled Intertextuality, Manipulation and Propaganda: Reworking the Arthurian Legend in Contemporary Spanish Literature.


Research interests

Arthurian literature has always been shaped by its political and cultural contexts. My research concentrates on two contemporary Spanish novels inspired by the Arthurian tradition, Paloma Díaz-Mas’s El rapto del Santo Grial (1984) and César Vidal’s Artorius (2006), and demonstrates how the motifs and narratives of the Arthurian legend may be used as a framework with which to criticize contemporary affairs. My thesis examines the rhetorical literary techniques and devices used by these authors to deliver their own personal observations on the human condition and to convey their social, political and cultural concerns and criticisms of Spanish society at the time they were written. I focus closely on the function of intertexuality in both novels and suggest that such intertextuality is used intentionally as a strategy to manipulate a particular reader response.

Research Interests:

Arthurian Literature

Intertextuality and textual influence

Medieval Studies



2015-2018 Tutor for Introduction to Translation Methods (Spanish to English Translation Seminars).


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