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Renuka Vyas

Research student, Cardiff Business School


Renuka Vyas is a PhD Research Scholar in the Logistics and Operations Management section of Cardiff Business School. Her interdisciplinary research combines operation management with entrepreneurship. It investigates the role of lean-effectual behaviours in successful female social entrepreneurship in India.

Renuka has an MSc in Social Research from Birkbeck College, the University of London and an MA in Economics with Econometrics from MS University of Baroda in India. Renuka also has a Postgraduate diploma in business management and has studied economics and psychology for her bachelor’s degree.

She has been a Senior Lecturer in Economics at a Gujarat University College in India and a visiting Faculty in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management at a Bhavnagar University Institute in India. She has mentored Open University students with learning difficulties in Portsmouth.

She has been a Member of Portsmouth City Council’s Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education and the Commandant of Woman’s Wing of Taluka Home-Guards in India.  

Renuka has been interested in understanding the functioning of the human brain and has read extensively on the theme. Her interests include interior design, yoga, Indian folk dance and painting.


Research interests

    • Vyas, R., (forthcoming) Emancipation and value share: Social value creation by women entrepreneurs in India, in (eds) Yousafzai et al. Research handbook of women’s entrepreneurship and value creation, Edward Elgar

    • Vyas, V. & Vyas, R., (2019), Human capital, its constituents and entrepreneurial innovation: A multilevel modelling of GEM data, Technology Innovation Management Review 9(8) 5-17

    • Vyas, V. & Vyas, R., (2019) Entrepreneurship & Economic Growth: A review and synthesis of conceptual and empirical evidence, International Review of Entrepreneurship, 17(2)

    • Vyas, V. & Vyas, R. (2014) Towards a theory of small firm low-tech food innovation, SSRN:, rated Top 10% papers on SSRN in 2018

    • Thaker, R. (1976) Land reforms in India (in Gujarati), Yojana, 12(3): 09-10

    • Thaker, R. (1975) Indian tax policy and the aims of socialism (in Gujarati), Yojana, 21(1): 11-12

    • Thaker, R., (1975) Negative effects of population growth on gains of economic development (in Gujarati), Yojana, 17(2): 19-11


    Lean-effectual entrepreneurship, gender and social value creation

    Lean-effectual entrepreneurship, gender and social value creation



    This interdisciplinary research involves operations management and entrepreneurship. Its purpose is to investigate if successful female social entrepreneurs exhibit lean-effectual behaviours. It explores the combined role of effectuation and lean start-up in the discovery, creation and evaluation of opportunities and formation of organisations to exploit them for a social cause. This research takes a qualitative, exploratory and interpretive epistemological position. The integrated effectual-lean conceptual framework is tested by conducting case studies of women social entrepreneurs in India with high social recognition of their work. This ongoing research suggests that successful women social entrepreneurs do exhibit lean-effectual behaviours. However, it also discovers that at the core of social entrepreneurial success is a selfless mindset and a deeply felt desire to do something good for those for whom ‘good’ happens very rarely.


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