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 Fahd Alhamazani

Fahd Alhamazani

Research student, School of Computer Science and Informatics


I am a PhD student interested in 3D vision who works with Professor Yukun Lai and Professor Paul Rosin on 3D shape reconstruction from depth images. In addition, I do freelance work in web development and artificial intelligence. 

For the freelancing Project check my Personal Website.


Research interests

My Research about 3D vision. I am interstead in 3D shape reconstruction, estimation  and generation. Also, I counduct work on shape evaluation. Also interstead in image generation, image deforming, etc. 


I taught many courses in diffierent institutes, like:

  • JAVA programming, Northern Boarder University, Rafha KSA

  • Networking using C#, Northern Boarder University, Rafha KSA

  • Mentor for first year student, New South Wales, Sydney Australia

  • Introduction for Computer Science, Cardiff University, Cardiff Wales UK