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 Hankui Wang

Hankui Wang

Research student,


I am an Economics  Ph.D. candidate in the Cardiff Business School. My research interests mainly in Macroeconomics, including

  • Long term economic growth and financial business cycle;

  • Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium(DSGE) modeling;

  • Financial time series analysis;

I am also an experienced tutor in Economics, I delivered many tutorials for both MSc and BSc courses, such as

  • BST164 Quantitative Methods(2018/2019/2020)

  • BST161 Principle of Finance(2018/2019)

  • BST169 Econometrics(2019)

  • BS2551 Money, Banking and Finance(2019)

  • BS3555 International Finance(2020)

  • BS3556 Economics of Banking(2020)


Research interests

  • Economic growth;

  • Financial business cycle;

  • Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium(DSGE) modelling;

  • Financial time series analysis;


A long-term model of growth for the UK

Funding source

Julian Hodge Bursaries


Professor Patrick Minford

Professor Patrick Minford

Professor of Applied Economics


Dr Vo Phuong Mai Le

Reader in Economics


Dr David Meenagh

Reader in Economics

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