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 Diego Bermudez Bermejo

Diego Bermudez Bermejo

Research student,


I am a PhD student at Cardiff Business School in the Logistics and Operations Management (LOM) section, also part of the Logistics and Systems Dynamics Group (LSDG).  I hold an Meng/MBA’13 from Cornell University.

My research is on payment technologies, specifically applying the systems thinking approach, to understand the current payment dynamics and possible evolution in different developing markets around the world.

I have worked for over 9 years at the central bank in Mexico in operational, IT and financial risk management over several payment and governance departments; as well as working as part of a team of process improvement researchers at the cash management department.

On my personal side, I enjoy watching any sports, practice triathlon, play the guitar and dance some Latin rhythms on my free time.


Research interests

My research delves into the payment systems by looking at the current technologies available (e.g. cash, card, mobile, biometric) by using systems thinking and system dynamics methodologies. Mainly, understanding the factors involved in the adoption and use as these technologies though specific environments (e.g. U.K., China, Sweden); considering economic (e.g. business cycles), political, social, legal and environmental perspectives to determine the right mix of payment technologies based on the stakeholders’ characteristics.

The main output is an analysis framework to develop a payment system introduction portfolio according to the specific environmental characteristics.

You can find a poster of my research here:


Teaching assistant for Project Management and Operations Management Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses.


Environmental system dynamics analysis of payment technologies

My aim is to develop a strategical analysis framework from a system thinking and system’s dynamics perspective, to understand the underlying environmental factors based on the analysis of three different settings (e.g. U.K., China, Sweden)  focusing on current and emerging payment technologies (e.g. cash, card, mobile and biometric), in order to determine their efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency and propose policies to generate overall system improvements.

My resesarch questions are: 

  • What are the factors (e.g. economic, political, social, legal and environmental) involved in the adoption and use of the payment systems from a historical, current and future perspective? Looking at the cases of cash, card, mobile and biometric in specific country environments.

  • How do these factors affect, and are affected by, the technological payment industry investment cycles in order to generate the right payment product mix from an efficiency (use of resources), effectiveness (real outcome) and efficacy (desired outcome) perspective?

Funding source

CARBS Scholarship holder


Mohamed Naim

Professor Mohamed Naim

Professor in Logistics and Operations Management, Co-Director of CAMSAC

Qinyun Li

Dr Qinyun Li

Lecturer in Supply Chain Dynamics


Dr Bahman Rostami-Tabar

Reader in Management Science and Business Analytics