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Dewi Alter

Research student,

Siarad Cymraeg


Research interests

I am an early modernist and literary scholar, specializing in early modern literature from Wales, with a particular interest in Cultural Memory, the past and identity. My research argues that narratives of national history were used to recreate and express national memory during this period.

I am interested in memory, how the past was used and portrayed during the early modern period to express a common identity, literary theory and it's uses in increasing our understanding of early modern Welsh literature, the relationships between writers and their audiences, Welsh and British myths and their reception as well as early modern Welsh literature in general.


Awdur, Testun, a Darllenydd 


Rediscovering and Remaking a National Memory in Early Modern Wales

My PhD theses argues that a national history was used as national memory in early modern Wales. Drawing on the Assmannian concept of Cultural Memory I argue that national history written is a vehicle of national memory. To do this I'm analysing historical narratives such as the Renaissance and humanist accounts by Humphrey Llwyd's Cronica Walliae (1559); John Prys' Historiae Britannicae Defensio (1573); David Powel's Historie of Cambria (1584); and the religious histories: Y Ffydd Ddiffuant by the Nonconformist Charles Edwards (1677); and Drych y Prif Oesoedd by the prominent Anglican Theophilus Evans (1716, 1740).

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Siwan Rosser

Dr Siwan Rosser

Senior Lecturer

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