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 Andrew Hannington

Andrew Hannington

Research student, School of Physics and Astronomy


I am a PhD candidate here at Cardiff University working with Dr Freeke van de Voort on cosmological, magneto-hydrodynamical simulations to study galaxy evolution, the circumgalactic medium, and intergalactic medium.

My research currently focuses on the circumgalactic medium of star-forming galaxies, which is the envelope of (primarily) gas surrounding a galaxy. It can be thought of as the middle-ground interface between the central galaxy and the wider Cosmic Web. I am utilising the Auriga Project Simulation Suite to investigate several research questions.

In particular, I am interested in the complex structures within the circumgalactic medium composed of gas of a large range of temperatures and densities - the so-called "multi-phase" circumgalactic medium. In future work I hope to look at the impacts of newly implemented feedback models on the results of our simulations, and ways in which to improve upon the current numerical methods the simulations utilise. I am also interested in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Big Data techniques and how these can be applied to the data produced by these large scale simulations.

I am funded from an STFC studentship via the Data-Intensive Centre for Doctoral Training (DI-CDT).



Dr Freeke van de Voort

Royal Society University Research Fellow & Lecturer
Cardiff Hub for Astrophysics Research and Technology

Dr Paul Clark

Astronomy Group
Teaching Quality Officer
Cardiff Hub for Astrophysics Research and Technology