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 Alix Plumley

Alix Plumley

Research student, School of Psychology

Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre, Maindy Road, Cardiff, CF24 4HQ

I'm in the early stages of my PhD where I am investigating methods to overcome difficulties in ultra-high field (UHF; 7 Tesla) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Stronger fields in MRI allow higher signal- and contrast-to-noise which could provide great clinical value. However technical difficulties also arise from the higher field strength. Specialist hardware and software have been developed to overcome these obstacles, but their use is not yet widespread and requires further development before the benefits of UHF can be readily applied within clinical settings. Additionally, patient motion exacerbates these issues and makes their correction more challenging.

My work involves exploring the effects of patient motion on large flip angle excitation, particularly when using parallel transmit (pTx) hardware in UHF MRI. I aim to investigate whether motion effects on image quality and safety can be minimised through variations in pulse sequence design. I intend to explore and compare the effects of motion using the few existing approaches to large flip angle design in pTx, as well as potentially developing a novel technique in the latter stages of my PhD. My research largely consists of simulations, with some experimental validation.

I also deliver undergraduate tutorials on scientific report writing and statistics, including coursework and exam script marking.

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