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 Edel Anabwani

Edel Anabwani

Research student,

+44 (0) 775 1263 266
Two Central Square, Central Square, Cardiff, CF10 1FS


Edel has worked as a communications strategist for the African Technology Policy Network (Consultant) and the Kenya Broadcasting as a Television and Radio (Continuity Announcer) News producer, Environmental, Children's, Entertainment, Outside Broadcasts, Arts/Culture producer, presenter and Director.What role can the media (New Media) play in ensuring the majority in (Kenya) society are honoured and empowered in the political campaign processes.  Activism is not new but the polarization of news has given it a whole new dimension. I hope to enable the Kenyan public to be empowered with a high level of media literacy, accountability and responsibility. 


Research interests

 This research examines diaspora advocacy as well as formations among migrants, specifically from Kenya and residing in the United Kingdom. The research asks why the Kenyan diaspora in the United Kingdom engage in mobilizations concerning development and governance of their homeland, that is, the intents that Kenyan diaspora seek to realize through mobilization. It also seeks to identify if the advocacy strategies employed by Kenyan diaspora organizations in the United Kingdom and analyse the effectiveness of new media in various mobilizing agendas to promote change and social justice.

My research interests focus on Transnationalism, digital media, diaspora formation and mobilization, diaspora activism, polymedia, Pan Africanism.


Conceptualizing Social Change through Digital Media :Transnational Activism among UK Kenyan Diaspora: Conceptualizing Social Change through Digital Media-

Social media is a powerful medium for political actors to connect and communicate with their constituents. However, it can also be misused to share inaccurate or inflammatory political content. I am interested in understanding this space both from the perspective of political actors and the voter base. This includes understanding the unique characteristics of social media or political activity and its place in the ecosystem of messaging platforms, distribution channels for political content, targeting strategies.

 The research context of this study is further influenced and shaped by Kenya’s Vast New Media (Influenced by cambridge Analytica) of the 2007-2017 general elections and Covid19 Pandemic

Funding source

Self funded



Dr Emiliano Treré

Reader in Data Agency and Media Ecologies