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Berber van der Meulen

Research student,



The role of "barbarian" migrations in the fall of Rome. Changing identities in a transforming world.

My PhD proposal focusses on the role of “barbarians” in the fall of the Western Roman, and the province of Germania Secunda in particular. My project will use a combination of archaeological and historical data as well as XRF analysis of a selection objects to better understand how migrant communities settled into the Empire in the 5th century.

Specifically, I aim to look at

1.Different patterns of migration. How did new groups represent their identities using material culture (specifically dress items) and how did they interact with groups already living in the frontier zone?
2.The role foederati played within the Roman political-military apparatus. To what extent were they dependent on the Roman government?
3.The transformation of 4th-century limes infrastructure after the regular standing army had left.


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