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Rachel Phillips

Research student,

Two Central Square, Central Square, Cardiff, CF10 1FS


I am a second-year PhD student examining UK coverage of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault trial. My research interests include digital activism, feminist activism, celebrity studies and violence against women and girls. I am currently the Digital Activism Officer for the Feminist Studies Association. 


Research interests


6.5.2020          Breaking Boundaries Conference: “#MeToo and the Media: Stories about Stories” **

1.3.2020          Assuming Gender Gender & Activism Conference: “Situating Cyberfeminism”

7.5.2019          Annual JOMEC Student Conference: “Digital Feminism”

6.5.2019          Society for Women Graduates Conference: “#MeToo and the Media: Justice & Discourse”

Professional Memberships

2020-2021       Institute of Internet Researchers

2020-2021       Feminist Studies Association


Teaching Experience

2019-2020       GTA: Media Audiences (Dr. Ross Garner) – JOMEC, Cardiff University

2018-2019       GTA: Media & Gender (Dr. Cynthia Carter) – JOMEC, Cardiff University

2017-2019       Guest Lecturer: Media & Gender (Dr. Cynthia Carter) - JOMEC, Cardiff University

2017-2021       HEA Associate Fellowship - Cardiff University

Voluntary Experience

2018-2021       Academic Student Representative: JOMEC PhD Programme

2019-2021       Co-founder: ‘Rape Culture Research Network’ (Cardiff University)

2017-2018       Academic Student Representative: Digital Media & Society Cohort

2017-2018       Library Champion: Cardiff University

2018-2020       Conference Assistant: Building the Future of Community Journalism 2020**, Future of Journalism 2020, Data Justice Conference 2019, Fan Studies Network Conference 2018 


#MeToo and the Media: Justice & Discourse

Funding source