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 Tiansheng Yang

Tiansheng Yang

Research student,


I am a PhD student studied at Cardiff University, and my current research topic is sustainability studies related to sharing cars in the Chinese context.

Before studying PhD, I worked for Bosch Chassis Systems in a position of sales pricing controller, and I also work in Ondal medical device system as an assistant to Managing Director for three years. These experiences also encourage me to step into a sustainable mobility research field.

If you are interested in this area and would like to have a discussion with me, please feel free to email me.


Research interests

Research interest:

My current research is about the sustainable product-service system of sharing cars in the context of China. For example, the factors affecting the adoption of environmentally friendly technology in developing nations (for example, China) and the usage of virtual environments by organisations.


I taught IELTS for two years, and I intend to apply for PG tutor in 2019


Understanding the transition towards sustainable product-service systems as providers of personal mobility in China. A consumer orientated case study of electric car sharing schemes in Chinese cities (Shanghai and Suzhou).


Ken Peattie

Professor Ken Peattie

Head of Marketing and Strategy, Professor of Marketing and Strategy, Director of BRASS