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 Peiying Tian

Peiying Tian

Research student,


I am a current PhD student and a teaching assistant in Economics, specialising in International trade in Microeconomics. My study investigates trade policy under perfect competition and I am now working on modelling trade wars and testing the sustainability of free trade.


Research interests

  • International Trade

  • Microeconomics


Sustainability of Free Trade

2018 is a big year for international trade as the US, acting as one of the world’s most significant economic markets takes actions in revising trade policies including triggering the trade war with China and intending to achieve a new trade deal with EU countries. The trade war escalated when China, the world's largest exporter of goods, retaliated on September 18 with new tariffs on $60bn of American goods. Both the US and China are large countries in terms of demand and supply, a tariff war between these two countries will significantly affect world trade.

Who will win the trade war? Is free trade an efficient policy? Can free trade agreement be reached? If so, how sustainable the policy is? This study will use a game theory approach to research trade issues theoretically when countries implementing different trade policies.


David Collie

Professor David Collie

Professor of Economics

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Dr Helmuts Azacis

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