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Shuo Sun

Research student,


I am a second-year PhD student in the section of Management, Employment, and Organisation. My current research focuses on fiscal decentralisation, fiscal transparency, and public service performance, particularly these topics in the Chinese background. Before starting my PhD, I have completed MSc Accounting and Finance and MSc Social Science Research Methods with two distinction degrees at Cardiff University. I also hold a Bachelor of Economics in Public Finance from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (Wuhan, PRC). 

Publication: Sun, S. and Andrews, R. 2020. The determinants of fiscal transparency in Chinese city-level governments. Local Government Studies 46(1), pp. 44 - 67 (10.1080/03003930.2019.1608828)


Research interests

  • Public service performance

  • Fiscal decentralisation

  • Fiscal transparency


I am a postgraduate tutor for BST153 Research Methods


Intra-provincial fiscal decentralisation and public service performance: a Chinese-based study from the perspective of efficiency and effectiveness

The improvement of public service efficiency and effectiveness is a long-standing consideration of policy-makers, researchers, and ordinary people in China. Researchers have widely discussed the contributions of FD on economic/ and income growth in China, but only a few of them have looked into the impact of FD on public service efficiency and effectiveness, two key dimensions of public service performance. To address this gap, this PhD study aims to look into the impact of fiscal decentralisation on the efficiency and effectiveness of major public services (e.g compulsory education and healthcare service) in Chinese provincial jurisdictions, from multi-disciplinary perspectives and with the support of mixed methods.


Rhys Andrews

Professor Rhys Andrews

Professor of Public Management

James Downe

Professor James Downe

Professor of Public Policy and Management, Director of Research, Wales Centre for Public Policy

Heike Doering

Dr Heike Doering

Senior Lecturer in Management, Employment and Organisation