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 Catherine Mackintosh

Catherine Mackintosh

Research student,


I am a HR academic with a background in Psychology in the final stages of an ESRC funded PhD. I currently conduct research focused on idiosyncratic deals and employment relationships, and teach predominatly across the the fields of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour.



Idiosyncratic deals from multiple perspectives

The research explores experiences of and attitudes towards idiosyncratic deals (i-deals) through the lens of organisational justice theory. The project adopts a qualitative and abductive approach to improve understanding of these individualised arrangements from the viewpoints of multiple stakeholders. The findings provide insight into 1) employer motivations and conditions for granting i-deals, and how these correspond to employee responses, 2) how co-workers perceive and respond to different i-deals, and 3) line managers as those in receipt, not just the authorisers, of i-deals, and how these arrangements impact upon the experiences and attitudes of their subordinates.

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