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 Nadine Leder

Nadine Leder

Research student,


Nadine is a PhD candidate at Cardiff Business School, funded by the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC). Her PhD research explores the Circular Business Model of Waste Valorisation, particularly in terms of value creation via collaborative business relationships and the use of technology within supply chains.

Alongside her PhD, Nadine is a tutor for MBA and Undergraduate students in the modules: Operations Management and Operations Analysis at Cardiff Business School. Furthermore, she is a Student-Peer-Trainer at the Skills and Development Service in Cardiff, and delivers seminars in; Leadership, Personal Effectiveness & Communication Skills.

Nadine holds two MSc degrees; one MSc in Logistics & Operations Management (Distinction), and a second MSc in Social Science Research Methods. Prior to her PhD, Nadine worked in the manufacturing sector for small/medium-sized enterprises in Germany and China, where she was based in the Logistics- and Human Resources Department.

Presently, Nadine works on a voluntary basis for two organisations: The Crowd, a non-profit organisation in London and the Lean Green and Innovation (iLEGO) forum of Cardiff Business School. With these organisations Nadine hosts numerous sustainability events for practitioners and initiates collaboration between academics and industry experts.


Research interests

  • Circular Economy & Circular Business Models

  • Waste Valorisation & Industrial Symbiosis

  • Industry 4.0 & Technology 

  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management


Tutor for Cardiff Business School in the following modules:

  • BS252   Operations Management 

  • BST514 Operations Analysis

  • BST828  Lean Operations

Student-Peer-Trainer for Skills and Development Service, Cardiff Students Union

  • Seminars in Communication 

  • Seminars in Leadership 

  • Seminars in Personal Effectiveness 


Working Title: The Impact of Sustainable and Innovative Practices on Supply Chain Performances

Funding source



Maneesh Kumar

Professor Maneesh Kumar

Professor in Service Operations


Professor Vasco Sanchez Rodrigues

Professor in Sustainable Supply Chain Management

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