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 Muhao Du

Muhao Du

Research student,


Muhao Du is a PhD researcher who is interested in expatriate management in Chinese multinational corporations (MNCs). He has completed MSc International Management and MSc Social Science Research Methods in Cardiff University.

Phd Title: A Study of the Implications of Recruitment and Selection methods for the Experiences of Chinese expatriates in Chinese MNC Subsidiaries in the UK.

This research focuses on the implications of the processes of recruitment and selection for Chinese expatriates employed in Chinese MNC subsidiaries outside China. It will investigate expatriates’ concrete experiences of expatriation and its attendant implications for their lives inside and outside work. Primary research will be conducted in large Chinese state-owned firms’ subsidiaries in the UK and with expatriates themselves. Case study analysis will facilitate insight into the unique Chinese approach to expatriate management and its impact on the life of the Chinese expatriates.


Research interests

  • Humance resource management in Chinese MNCs


Jean Jenkins

Professor Jean Jenkins

Head of Management, Employment and Organisation Section
Professor of Employment Relations

Heike Doering

Dr Heike Doering

Senior Lecturer in Management, Employment and Organisation

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