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 Josh Davies

Josh Davies

Research student, School of Chemistry


I study the growth of nanoparticles ,tiny particles that are 1 billionth the size of  meter. They come in a huge range of shapes and sizes varying from Nanoneedles to Nanoroses. I attempt to understand how we are able to make such incredible particles and why they grow how they do. Understanding the way nanoparticles grow allows us to make particles that can be tailored in their shape and size to specific uses such as as the fast diagnosis and treatment of critical diseases

I am a keen scientific communicator who tries to spend as much time as possible speaking about science to anyone. I was a three minute thesis winner and TEDx speaker at Cardiff University in 2018. I have written a number of articles and in total over 100,000 people have engaged with my work.


Research interests

I study the hydrothermal growth of nanoparticles leading unique morphologies which are key to developing tuneable materials for specific systems such as catalysis or magneto-optical diagnosis. In this work I use a combination of Electron microscopy, XPS, AFM and other characterisationtechniques to understand how nanorods grow and how capping agents affect that growth.


Controlling the Au/Iron Oxide Interface to Optimise Plasmonic Resonance for Magneto-Optic Diagnostics

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Dr Philip Davies

Professor Philip Davies

Professor of Physical Chemistry and Director of International

Sankar Meenakshisundaram

Dr M Sankar

Lecturer in Physical Chemistry