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 Konstantinos Trimmis

Konstantinos Trimmis

Research student, Archaeology, School of History, Archaeology and Religion

Originally form Kythera island Greece, I hold a BA in Archaeology and Art History form the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an MA in Prehistoric Archaeology form the same University.  I have commercial archaeology experience in Britain and Greece, and field research experience in many other Balkan countries. Since 2014 I am working as Assistant Tutor in Cardiff University and as project coordinator for the Share with Schools outreach project. I am also working as freelance Archaeological illustrator and infographics designer.

Research interests

  • The Neolithic of South East Europe and the Near East
  • Field techniques of Cave Archaeology
  • History of Archaeology, Community Archaeology and Outreach
  • Archaeological Theory (Archaeology of the Senses and Feelings)
  • Archaeological Illustration.


Exploring Human – Landscape interaction in Neolithic Balkans: Evidence from caves in the Western Balkans and Greece

My research focuses on how people perceive, understood and finally inter-act with their surroundings, their natural environment during the Neolithic in the area that we call today, Balkans. In order to discuss this, I decide to use caves as case studies. And in order to examine the Neolithic caves of the Balkans I construct a regional chronological model, I demonstrate a novel cave mapping methodology and I built on existing human-landscape interaction theories. My Thesis is this travel through theory, literature, excavation publications, technology and software and finally caves

Funding source

Greek Archaeological Committee of UK (Matti Egon II scholarship)

Alasdair Whittle

Professor Alasdair Whittle

Distinguished Research Professor in Archaeology






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