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 Alexia Miltiadous-Johansson

Alexia Miltiadous-Johansson

Research student, Archaeology, School of History, Archaeology and Religion


Academic History

  • BA, Classical Archaeology, Stockholm University, Sweden (2009-2011) 
  • MA, Classical Archaeology, Stockholm University, Sweden (2011-2013)


Miltiadous-Johansson, A., Appendix 6: Textile Production Tools from Area 6 W, season 2013€™, in The New Swedish Cyprus Expedition 2013: Excavations at Dromolaxia Vizatzia/Hala Sultan Tekke. Preliminary results, Fischer, P.M. (ed.), OpAthRom 7, 2014.

Additional Information 

Research presentation at the Swedish Institute (SIA) in Athens (October 2014)

Areas of interest

  • Greek archaeology and social history 
  • Hellenistic and Roman periods in Cyprus and Crete 
  • Greek and Roman domestic architecture 
  • Social behaviour and spatial interaction in domestic settings 
  • Hellenistic and Roman mosaics



Housing and Households in the Ancient Greek World

My research is primarily concerned with domestic architecture and the use of private space in Hellenistic and Roman Cyprus and Crete. My main approach is to comparatively examine architecture, interior decoration and artefact assemblages, to better understand the daily activities performed in private settings in the ancient Greco-Roman world.

Start date: October 2014


Ruth Westgate

Dr Ruth Westgate

Senior Lecturer in Ancient History and Archaeology, Co-Head of Ancient History and Religion

James Whitley

Professor James Whitley

Professor in Mediterranean Archaeology, Deputy Head of Archaeology and Conservation


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