Alice Rees

Research student, School of Psychology

Research summary

My research focuses on imitation in language. During conversations speakers will imitate their partner from their body language through to their choice of language structures. I am looking at priming implicit communication, in particular conversational implicatures (Grice, 1975), in both comprehension and production.

Teaching summary

Level 1 Practical Tutor. I run first year tutorials and aid students in writing practical reports.

Undergraduate education

2011-2014 Psychology Bsc (Hons) 1st Class, University of Birmingham


2016 Cardiff University School of Psychology Prize for Early Promise.

Research interests

Research topics and related papers

Often partners in dialogue imitate each other, from their body positioning through to their choice of language structures. During a conversation partners seem to adhere to a set of communicative principles which allow successful communication (Grice, 1975). Grice (1975) made the distinction between what a speaker says and what a speaker means. Often people do not explicitly say what they mean. For example, if the question “Are John and Mary coming to the party?” was answered with “John is.” this would lead to the implication that Mary is not coming. Despite the fact that this was not part of what was said, the listener enriched the input to arrive at the implication. I have been looking at the role of the alternative (what a speaker could have said but didn’t) in the derivation of enrichments such as these. In particular I have been focusing on the priming of enrichments, both in language comprehension and production.


School of Psychology

Research group

Cognitive Science

Research collaborators

Lewis Bott