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Zizheng Yu

Research student

+44 (0) 7410384384
Two Central Square, Central Square, Cardiff, CF10 1FS

Zizheng Yu has worked for the Country Garden Real Estate in China as a Senior Brand Manager; as a Journalist in Chinese Southern Daily in Foshan, and UK Chinese Journal in London; as a Research Associate in China Current Network. Now, Zizheng Yu is a PhD Candidate at Cardiff University, JOMEC. Zizheng is also a committee member of the UK-China Media and Cultural Studies Association (UCMeCSA).  

Do the latest digital technologies in several popular social media apps really empower Chinese consumers’ powers to protect their legitimate consumer rights? My current research is focusing on the connection between the short-video-based social media platforms and consumer activism in China. 

Research interests

My research interests mainly focus on Chinese short-video-based social media platforms, digital activism (consumer activism), video activism, social movements, media practices, and cultural semiotics studies. 

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From Selfish Consumer Activist to Caring-Citizen: Examine the Consumer Video Activism and Consumer Sphere in China

This research reviews the relationship between the social media and consumer activism and explored what are the contributions of the latest digital technologies to the digital protest (short-video-based social media) of consumer activism in China by interviewing the Chinese consumers, public relations department officials and journalists, and analysing the short video contents about significant consumer activism cases in several popular short-video-based social media apps.


Dr Emiliano Treré

Senior Lecturer in Media Ecologies and Social Transformation

Stuart Allan

Professor Stuart Allan

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