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Savira Miranti Ansory

Research student,


I am a doctoral student in Marketing and Strategy at Cardiff Business School. My PhD research looks at exploring the customers' relationship building process and its outcomes in Islamic banking sector in Indonesia using the mechanism of intrinsic factors (how customers develop their self-connections with an Islamic bank) and extrinsic factors (what customers perceived about their Islamic banks' efforts). I am using both qualitative and quantitative methods (mixed-methods approach).


2017 - MSc in Social Science Research Methods (SSRM), Cardiff University.

2012 - Master of Management (MM) in Marketing, Universitas Indonesia.


Research interests

  • Consumptions and consumer behaviour.

  • Muslims consumer behaviour.

  • Islamic banking consumer behaviour.

  • Effects of self-brand connections.

  • Roles of religiosity.

  • Service quality.


Modules under Marketing & Strategy section, including:

  • Strategic Management (Undergraduate)

  • Buyer Behaviour (Undergraduate)

  • Advertising and Marketing (Undergraduate)

  • Marketing (MBA)

  • Marketing Management (MBA)


Exploring Consumers' Trust and Relationship Building Process in the Indonesian Islamic Banking Sector.

Funding source

Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education.


Ahmad Jamal

Dr Ahmad Jamal

Reader in Marketing and Strategy

Dr Asma Mobarek

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Shumaila Yousafzai

Dr Shumaila Yousafzai

Reader (Associate Professor) in Entrepreneurship

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