Natalia Zarzeczna

Research student, School of Psychology

Research summary

I am interested in spatial processes underlying thinking about abstract concepts. Currently, I examine spatial bases of stereotypic thinking about gender in relation to power. Specifically, my project investigates whether thinking about males as powerful and females as powerless leads to representations of males on the top and females on the bottom of the vertical dimension in people’s minds. The main aim is to understand the nature and consequences of such spatial simulations for cognition as well as reinforcement of stereotypes.

In addition, I investigate whether emotional interactions imply status differences between individuals leading to spatial simulations of those individuals on the vertical dimension.

I also examine whether power priming affects eye movements.

Teaching summary

I deliver practical tutorials on report writing and statistics to first year Psychology students.

Research interests

Research topics and related papers

  • Social Cognition
  • Spatial Processing
  • Embodiment
  • Power
  • Gender Stereotypes
  • Funding

  • ESRC
  • Research group

    Social & Environmental Psychology

    Research collaborators

    Dr.  Ulrich von Hecker
    Prof.  Geoff Haddock
    Dr. Christina Demski
    Dr. Lukas Wolf