Zoe Williams

Research student, School of Psychology

Research summary

My research investigates the reading comprehension  abilities of children with ADHD and ASD to discover whether the children have  specific difficulties in reading comprehension compared to other reading  skills, and if this is related to social cognition.

Teaching summary

Year 2 Practical Assistant (2014) - this involved  meeting different groups of students that were working on a language practical,  and supporting them as they completed their practical reports.

Research interests

Research topics and related papers

I am interested  in researching the overlap between ASD and ADHD in childhood. Children with ASD  and ADHD sometimes seem to have specific difficulties with reading  comprehension that cannot be fully explained by other reading and language  difficulties.  My research focuses on  whether the social difficulties experienced by children with ASD and ADHD  result in impaired reading comprehension skills.  I will also be finding out if age affects the  relationship between social skills and reading comprehension.


Cardiff University School of  Psychology PhD studentship

Research group

Developmental & Health Psychology
Wales Autism Research Centre

Research collaborators

Dr. Kate Langley
Dr. Catherine Jones