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Loukia Tzavella

Research student, School of Psychology

Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre, Maindy Road, Cardiff, CF24 4HQ

Research summary

My primary research interest and the focus of my PhD is cognitive control in eating behaviours. Through a series of behavioural studies, I currently examine the cognitive and affective components underlying food preferences and choices between healthy and unhealthy foods. In another pre-registered study, a novel inhibitory control training (ICT) paradigm was investigated as an intervention for changing food evaluations. As part of the GW4 Undergraduate Psychology Consortium 2017/2018, a behavioural study was conducted to examine the effects of ICT on approach-avoidance tendencies in a large sample recruited from Cardiff University, University of Exeter and University of Bath campuses. I am an advocate of open science practices and all behavioural projects to date have been pre-registered on the Open Science Framework.

Research interests

  • Cognitive control & eating behaviours
  • Inhibitory control training
  • Brain stimulation 
  • Open science 


Tzavella, L., Adams, R. C., Chambers, C., Lawrence, N., & Button, K. S. (2018, June 1). The effect of inhibition training on approach-avoidance tendencies for unhealthy foods. Retrieved from

Tzavella, L., Chambers, C., & Verbruggen, F. (2018, May 25). Testing the efficacy of a novel inhibitory control training protocol for altering food preferences. Retrieved from


Cardiff School of Psychology (PhD Studentship)

Research group

Neuroscience, Cognitive Science

Research collaborators

Chris Chambers

Leah Maizey


Teaching experience

  • Tutorials for MSc Neuroimaging: Methods & Applications students on research design and principles of non-invasive brain stimulation [2016-2017]
  • Year 1 Postgraduate Tutor (PGT), Preparation and delivery of tutorials and marking of student reports [2015-2017]
  • Practical demonstration & tutorials on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for MSc Neuroimaging: Methods & Applications students [2015-2017]
Chris Chambers

Professor Chris Chambers

Professor, Head of Brain Stimulation

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