Maciej Szul

Research student, School of Psychology

Research summary

Sensorimotor transformation is a collection of  processes which connect input from senses and motor reaction. My PhD project  involves dissociating and examining those processes by combining various  methodological approaches. Computational modelling allow for describing  mechanisms of cognition as mathematic formulas, to better explain existing  results and predict future outcomes. Psychophysics give us tools to describe  relations between stimulus and response in behaviour. Electrophysiology (EEG,  EMG, MEG) and neuroimaging (fMRI) allow for examining the state of nervous  system during tasks. By joining those worlds, we are hoping to improve current understanding  of how people make decisions. Specifically, how the action is chosen with  limited time and information, but also, how continuous movement is controlled  by sensory information. Ultimately, this knowledge can give us more precise  view on cognitive deficits in neurodegenerative diseases.

Teaching summary

2015/16 – Postgraduate tutor, Level 1  (scientific writing, statistics)

Research interests

Research topics and related papers


School of Psychology, Cardiff University (2015-2018)

Research group

Perception & Action

Research collaborators

Jiaxiang Zhang
Petroc Sumner