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 Silvia Colonna

Silvia Colonna

Research student, School of Psychology

Tower Building, 70 Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT

Research summary

My  research aims to investigate ADHD using the RDoC research framework proposed by  the NIMH. In particular I will be focusing on the neurocognitive, emotional and  social dimensions, accounting for genetic and environmental risk factors. I  also intend to further understand whether children with ADHD show any  particular differences in these domains according to different  psychopathological traits and in comparison to a high risk sample for  depression

Teaching summary

Year  1 Postgraduate Tutor – This involves meeting a small group of first year  students, supporting them on scientific report writing and statistic homework  through the form of tutorials.

Research interests

Research topics and related papers

Childhood  psychopathology
Genetics &  environment
Emotional  Dysregulation
Neurocognitive  functioning


Cardiff  University School of Psychology 3 year PhD studentship

Research group

Developmental and Health Psychology

Wales Autism Research Centre

Research collaborators

Dr Kate Langley

Professor Stephanie van Goozen