Silvia Colonna

Research student, School of Psychology

Research summary

My  research aims to investigate ADHD using the RDoC research framework proposed by  the NIMH. In particular I will be focusing on the neurocognitive, emotional and  social dimensions, accounting for genetic and environmental risk factors. I  also intend to further understand whether children with ADHD show any  particular differences in these domains according to different  psychopathological traits and in comparison to a high risk sample for  depression

Teaching summary

Year  1 Postgraduate Tutor – This involves meeting a small group of first year  students, supporting them on scientific report writing and statistic homework  through the form of tutorials.

Research interests

Research topics and related papers

Childhood  psychopathology
Genetics &  environment
Emotional  Dysregulation
Neurocognitive  functioning


Cardiff  University School of Psychology 3 year PhD studentship

Research group

Developmental and Health Psychology

Wales Autism Research Centre

Research collaborators

Dr Kate Langley

Professor Stephanie van Goozen