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Andrew Brown

Research student, School of Psychology


Research summary

I am interested in the impact on educational  experience and outcomes from the interplay between adopted adolescents’  identity development, parental aspirations, teacher perceptions of adoption and  academic expectations.


Research interests

Research topics and related papers

My research examines the psychological identity  of adopted adolescents and considers how this relates to mental health,  relations with parents and peers, academic and career aspirations. There is an  identified disparity in educational experiences and outcomes between adopted  children and their non-adopted peers. Adopted children as a cohort form a  hidden and vulnerable group; recently available data illustrates significant  underperformance for adopted children.Using a mixed methods approach I  will be exploring the impact on education experience and outcomes through the  concept of narrative adoptive identity by taking account of adolescents’  perspectives and how these relate to perceptions of adoption by parents and  teachers.

Using a mixed methods approach I will be  exploring the concept of narrative adoptive identity by taking account of  adolescents’ perspectives and how these relate to perceptions of adoption by  parents and teachers.


Economic &  Social Research Council, School of Psychology

Research group

Developmental and Health Psychology

Research collaborators

Katherine Shelton

Cerith Waters


Identity of Adopted Adolescents

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Dr Cerith Waters

Senior Lecturer