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David Colwill

Research student, Ancient History, School of History, Archaeology and Religion


‘Genocide’ and Rome, 343-146 BCE: state expansion and the social dynamics of annihilation.

Using sociologically informed approaches to understanding genocide, I am looking at the role of the Roman destruction of other societies and ethnic groups including through mass killing, forced relocation and mass enslavement. This involves explication of ways in which such annihilation was enacted, of what social functions it expressed, and of the agency behind it. This project is bounded by the period of Roman expansion between the so-called First Samnite War and the cotemporal destructions of Corinth and Carthage, raising questions of imperialism and ethnicity.

The outcome is intended to both adapt sophisticated theory to the study of the ancient past, as well as to feedback into modern debates within the field of genocide studies.

Start Date: October 2013

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