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 Irene Scicluna

Irene Scicluna

Research student

I am a Philosophy PhD student at Cardiff University. My research aims at investigating the relational and interactive development of one organism with another. I draw on Alfred North Whitehead’s process ontology to argue that the most primitive type of experience does not depend on consciousness but on non-cognitive feeling. My thesis develops a speculative phenomenological account of feeling as an inter-relational continuum of receptivity and affect and examines how the most rudimentary element of existence depends on operative intentionality. I hope to show that such interplay of feeling can be theorised under the concept of empathy and am motivated to apply an elucidation of process ontological empathy to a philosophy of ecological concerns. 

My research is generously funded by the School of English, Communication and Philosophy (ENCAP), Cardiff University and the ENDEAVOUR Scholarships Scheme, Ministry for Education and Employment, Malta.

Research interests

Process philosophy, Speculative Philosophy, 20th and 21st century continental philosophy, Affect Theory, Philosophical Ecology.


  • SE4110 – Philosophy Through Fiction and Film (1st Semester 18/19)
  • SE4103 – Mind, Thought and Reality (1st and 2nd Semester 17/18)
  • SE4101 – Moral and Political Philosophy (1st and 2nd Semester 17/18)
  • SE4104 – Four Great Works of Philosophy (2nd Semester 16/17)
  • SE4107 – Critical Thinking (Substitute Teaching 16/17 and 17/18)
Josh Robinson

Dr Josh Robinson

Senior Lecturer