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Matthew Jenkins

Research student,


After completing both my BA (philosophy) and MA (Ethics and Social Philosophy) in Cardiff I began my PhD in September 2017, funded by the South West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership.

My research centres around virtue theory, the philosophy of psychology (as a branch of the philosophy of science) and philosophy of mind. The research questions I am interested in are:

Can psychology offer anything to virtue theory (ethical or epistemic) to explain patterns of behaviour or habits?

Does attitude psychology have a coherent model of attitudes which can be applied to this problem?

Does it make sense to talk about connectionist minds - minds constituted as connections between mental states?

What does the research on implicit bias refer to, and thereby, what does it mean for philosophy?

I also teach on the courses Critical Thinking (informal and formal logic), Moral and Political Philosophy (introduction to normative ethics and political philosophy), and Mind, Thought and Reality (introduction to metaphysics and philosophy of mind).



A critical ontology of psychology and its consequences.

Funding source

SWWDTP Studentship