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 Olivia Ogle

Olivia Ogle

Research student,


Targeting zinc signalling to prevent cell division in cancer

My project is focussed on the role of zinc as a second messenger during the cell cycle. In particular, I am working on a zinc transporter, namely ZIP10, which imports zinc into the cell, and is upregulated during key cellular processes. Dysregulation of zinc homeostasis is now known to play a major role in many diseases, including cancer, therefore understanding the regulation of zinc transporters in more detail will allow us to develop more targeted therapies. My project is funded by Life Science Research Network Wales.

I gained my Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science at the University of Reading, before moving to Edinburgh University for a Masters in Biomedical Research. Following this, I worked in clinical trials, joining the phase I and II cancer trials teams at Imperial College London and later, Oxford University. I came to Cardiff in October 2016 to start my PhD in the School of Pharmacy.



Targeting zinc signalling to prevent cell division in cancer


Kathy Taylor

Dr Kathryn Taylor

Principal Research Fellow

Julia Gee

Dr Julia M.W. Gee

Breast Cancer Campaign Senior Research Fellow