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Vicky Cheng

Research student,


Medicines management in care homes

My PhD is jointly funded by Cardiff University and Invatech Health Ltd, and my research involves looking at the safe and effective management of medications in UK care homes. This involves looking at current patterns of prescribing and various models of medicines administration in practice.

Following the completion of my MPharm degree at the University of Bath in 2015, I went on to complete my pre-registration training at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and subsequently qualified as a pharmacist in 2016. I then worked as a band 6 clinical pharmacist before coming to Cardiff University in 2017. Whilst undertaking my PhD, I continue to undertake professional practice as a pharmacist in the community setting.



Medicines management in care homes


Mathew Smith

Dr Mathew Smith

Senior Lecturer and Director of Learning and Teaching

Mark Gumbleton

Professor Mark Gumbleton

Professor of Experimental Therapeutics and Head of School, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences