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I completed my BS in Molecular Bioscience/Biotechnology at Arizona State University in 2010. I began a Research Associate role at Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) doing genetic research on neurodegenerative disease and brain injury upon graduation. I completed my MA in Applied Ethics and the Professions (Biomedical and Health Ethics) at Arizona State University in 2014. I began my PhD research in 2016 looking at the public’s view on genetic testing for specific learning difficulties through a new approach to doing anticipatory bioethics.


Research interests

My main research interest is bioethics focusing disability ethics and genetics testing.

Addtional Interests:

  • Neurosceince

  • Morality of Video Games

  • Morality of Artificial intelligence/Robots

  • Science Engagement

  • Digital Culture

  • Medical & Health Humanities


Seminar Tutor 2017-2018

  • SE4101: Mind, Thought, and Reality

  • SE4103: Moral and Political Philosophy


Current View On Predictive Genetics Screening for Specific Learning Difficulties.

My research is focused on developing a new approach to doing anticipatory bioethics that combines qualitative research, through semi-structured interviews, and quantitative research, through an online survey, to determine the publics view on both pre and post natal genetic testing for specific learning difficulties (SLDs) such as dyslexia. The hope is that this research will lead to either a policy recommendation, public engagement, or additional research to help guide genetic testing for SLDs in a morally positive direction.



Dr Andrew Edgar

Emeritus Reader


Professor Angus Clarke

Clinical Professor