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I’m an ESRC PhD student in the Centre for Language and Communication Research, working on legal-lay communication in domestic abuse policing. My thesis draws from body-worn video footage to examine police-victim interactions during first response call-outs to domestic incidents in England and Wales. 

I graduated from Queen’s University Belfast with a BA Honours in English in 2007 and an MA with distinction in Linguistics in 2008. After a hiatus from academia, during which I worked abroad in a variety of countries and industries, I graduated from Aston University in 2017 with an MSc with distinction in Forensic Linguistics.


Research interests

Institutional discourse; communication in the law; forensic linguistics; conversation analysis; linguistic ethnography.

My thesis draws from CA and linguistic ethnography to examine interactions between police officers and reported victims during first response domestic abuse call-outs. The study is funded by the ESRC Wales Doctoral Training Partnership. 


I was a postgraduate tutor in the School of English, Communication and Philosophy in 2018/9, teaching on the modules How Language Works (1) and Understanding Communication

From 2010-12, I was a seminar tutor in the Department of English and Applied Linguistics at De La Salle University, Manila. My teaching modules were English for Communication, Speech Communication and English for Research.


July 2019: 'Negotiating the institutional, professional and relational dimensions of police-victim interaction during domestic abuse call-outs'. IAFL 2019 (International Association of Forensic Linguists), RMIT, Melbourne.

September 2018: 'Police 'use' of rapport in practice during domestic abuse call-out interactions'. ALAPP 2018 (Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice), Cardiff University, Cardiff.

June 2018: 'Rapport management in police-victim interaction during domestic abuse call-outs'. Centre for Language and Communication Research (CLCR) PGR Conference 2018, Cardiff University.

June 2018: Organising committee member. CLCR PGR Conference 2018, Cardiff University.

October 2011: Steering committee member and conference host. Globalization and Localization in Computer-Assisted Language Learning (GLoCALL) 2011, De La Salle University Manila, the Philippines.


Michelle Aldridge

Dr Michelle Aldridge-Waddon

Deputy Head of School and Head of Subject